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Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling

When you seek credit counseling through our Credit Counseling Program, we have one goal in mind…helping you get on the right track.

Making Credit Counseling Work For You

Our Credit Counseling Program is a FREE confidential service. Any member who wants to make a commitment to bettering their financial situation is eligible for this no-cost service. We can help you create realistic budgets, find a way to save you money and help you restructure how you pay your bills.

The Benefits of Credit Counseling include:

  • Helping you map out your path to financial freedom.
  • Seeking ways to rescue you from financial quicksand.
  • Assisting you in developing a strategic route to follow before problems arise.

Why is Credit so Important?

Your credit is an important tool that remains with you throughout your life. Any time you request a loan, the lender reviews your credit report before deciding whether or not to approve your loan request. Likewise, every time you make a payment to a lender, it’s reported to a credit bureau agency.

"Good Credit"

Having "good credit" can benefit you in many ways including being eligible to purchase a new car, go on vacation, or experience the excitement of buying a home. But don't get carried away. Having too much credit (excess debt on credit cards) can be just as damaging as bad credit. We can help you find just the right balance!

"Bad Credit"

If you acquire a "bad credit" rating, it will remain on your record for years. It may even put you in a higher interest rate category. Some employers review your credit history as part of the review process for new hires, so a poor credit score could prevent you from getting the new job you seek.

Bankruptcy and its Effects

Declaring bankruptcy damages your credit rating and can affect your ability to borrow money for up to 10 years! Keep in mind that if you file for bankruptcy, not all debts will disappear and some of your belongings may be repossessed or sold to pay them off.

If you would like to speak with a Credit Counselor, please contact us to schedule your private consultation. Please complete the following forms and send them to the Credit Union prior to your appointment.

Complete a Financial Fitness Analysis 

Complete a Credit Counseling Acknowledgment