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CCU Text

CCU Text

CCU Text: Pocket-sized Mobile Control!

Pocket-sized control is at your fingertips with Corning Credit Union’s mobile text messaging.

CCU Text Dedicated Code - Shortcode 62965

Program Description

CCU Text allows members of Corning Credit Union to:

  • View your account balances.
  • Access your transaction history.
  • Transfer funds via text messaging (SMS).

How it works?

To participate in this program, you must first log in to eBranch. Through eBranch you can select CCU Text and follow the instructions for registering your cell phone.

Supported Carriers

CCU Text is supported by all major carriers, including:

  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Sprint
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile

However, T-Mobile does not allow account transfers via SMS, so the TRAN command is not supported on T-Mobile handsets.


Message and data rates may apply when you use the SMS program. Charges are dependent on your service plan, which may include fees from your carrier to send and receive text messages. These charges would appear on your wireless bill or may be deducted from your prepaid wireless balance. You must have the mobile phone account holder's permission to subscribe to CCU Text.

The subscriber will receive a maximum of one response for each message received. Please note that this response could be broken into multiple text messages depending on the amount of data being sent to the subscriber.

How to opt out

You can opt-out of all CCU Text programs at any time. Reply STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to 62965. A confirmation message will be sent back to you.


To request support at any time, text HELP to 62965, send an email to Text Help, or call 800-677-8506 or 607-962-3144.

Full List of Available Text Codes

Using your account Share or Loan ID(s), (example: Share Savings S0001 or Visa Loan L0141), text any of the commands listed below to 62965.

Balance Inquiries:

  • Savings Balance, text: BAL S0001
  • Loan Balance, text: BAL L0141

History Inquiries:

  • Checking History, text: HIST S0009
  • Loan History, text: HIST L0142
  • Text: NEXT to get the next five transactions from history


  • Savings to Checking, text: TRAN S0001 S0009 dollar amount (example: S0001 S0009 50)
  • Checking to Loan, text: TRAN S0009 L0143 dollar amount (example: S0009 L0143 200)

Additional Codes:

  • Text: LOCK to lock your eBranch access
  • Text: UNLOCK to unlock your eBranch access
  • Text: HOURS for Branch Hours
  • Text: CONTACT for contact information for Corning Credit Union
  • Text: HELP for a list of available CCU Text commands
  • Text: STOP to deactivate your mobile device from the account
  • Text: START to reactivate your mobile device

Privacy Policy

Corning Credit Union will never, under any circumstances, sell or distribute your cell phone number to third parties or to Corning Credit Union clients you have not approved. Corning Credit Union will never directly market to you any services for which you have not opted in, either by cell phone, text message, or email.

Corning Credit Union will never distribute any personal information about you, including your phone number, name, billing information or any other piece of identifying information. To view CCU's entire Privacy Policy click here.